Thoughts on Learning

Learning – a constant change, evolution, growth. Not an acquisition of knowledge but transformation of life is learning.

Learning Companion

We all need a friend, companion – who cares about us. who can be our compass when we are lost. who celebrates and cries with us.


vaibhav - learning companion


I am learning companion vaibhav. Also वेग, विद्युत वेग, वेगमान, वैभव भैया, वैभव अन्ना, Earth Abundance, जियो मैत्री and may be many more. I enjoy playing with words and in the woods. Life had been a playful journey and I wish learning also become more playful.

Through this website – blog, I attempt to share some of my playful stuff with you all. Bring more joy, love and light in learning. visit LinkedIn profile if you want seriousness.

In this journey I had been moving between taking learning too seriously and taking it too lightly. I hardly thought about competitive world. Rather collaborating, completing and co-operation were words for me.

I live in a sustainability driven community called Anahad, near Hyderabad. Where practices of integral living goes on. and wishe to move towards need based natural lifestyle – free from artificial chemicals & process